Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Holy Fascism

Deliberation of Supremacy of the ground’s GodsBy

One of the main questions for Muslims is why after the1400 years of Islam there is no progress anddevelopment in Islamic world? Why all disasters anddefeats are in the fate of Islam? And why there hasnot yet been a complete sample of Islamic mannersintroduced?If there is a scholar, he does not know anything aboutpolitics, Jihad and the hunger of his neighbour and ifthere is a politician he does not understand by anylanguage the wishes of the nation. Maulana JalaludeenBalkhi and others like him are being described assamples of having Islamic manners. While we admitthat he was a scholar and a sample of having theIslamic manners, but can we accept him as the resourceof producing Islamic manners? Having said that, howmany Maulanas, Hafizes and Sadis do we have? If Islamis the complete and the latest religion, why itsfollowers are not honest and more unaware than theinfidels of their religion and they commit hypocrisy,aggression and so on in their daily life and do notpractice the religious scholars’ preaches. The commonresponse to this is “there is no fault in Islam but inthe way we practice it.” By this response people atleast convince themselves. But there is no one whocould ask why this religion, the final one from theGod, is full of faults. Why anyone who pretends to bereligious is guiltier and commits sin and crimes.No one has been able to say that religious leaders aremore far away from the religion than the ordinarypeople. The reality is that religion has been abusedthroughout the history by its leaders. While Islam isa bright religion that civilised the then wildpeninsula of Saudi Arabia, how is it not able tochange Afghanistan in this developed era? The problemis we practice Islam through dirty resources. Today,our Islam is being translated by those scholars who donot only understand Islam in full but the simpleprinciples of humanity. Afghanistan will never everget to any paradise by practicing the Islam translatedby Sayaf. If he really understands the essence ofIslam, there would have been at least signs ofpracticing it in his personal life. Where did MrRabani discover the verse on destruction in God’s holybook to destroy his nation by bombs, rockets andplanes? Which one of the holy books does Mr Hikmatyarbelieve to? Look at dear Mullah Omar’s Islam -- thatis the Islam of hunger, death and captivity. Bypracticing his Islam, one becomes infidel. However,this dear Mullah is better than modern Mullahs that heat least did not construct more palaces and buildingsfor themselves by shedding the blood of innocentpeople. I do not understand how Professor Rabani,Professor Sayaf, the Great Aayatullah Muhsini and manyothers describe themselves as real translators ofIslam while their sacred hands are red–blooded ofinnocent people and have illegally own magnificentpalaces. We will ignore their multiple marriages.But we urge them to explain what kind of legaleconomic activities they had that they managed to goto pilgrimage to Haj and to buy luxury cars,magnificent palaces and so on. It might be because oftheir miracles that we do not know about?Clergy ruling (Theocracy) has an old root. We can notignore its material and intellectual aspects. ImamShafei, Imam Hambal and … who founded the threereligion sects of Sunni Muslims more than a thousandyears ago, had given clear picture of Islam accordingto the circumstances and situation of that time. Buthow after a thousand years, those interpretations ofIslam can be practiced and can respond to the needs oftoday and the current requirements?They all believe that leaders of Sunni Muslims(Pishwayan Ahl-e-Sunat) have not had direct relationswith God and all their speeches were their personalview and feelings. So now how these speechesco-ordinate today’s requirements with their thoughtsexisted more than one thousand years ago.The same situation is with the Jafari sect of Islam.We do not talk about direct relation of 12 Shiiteleaders with God and will discuss it in other time.Now we discuss the question that which Ajtihad ofShiites lead Shiites to which paradise? ShiitesMujtahidin have failed to transfer the real meaning ofSharia to the people and unfortunately by the timepassing this Ajtihad has been weaken. More than 100people in Qum have announced that they are valuableMujtahidin and they published a book about this andwant to lead the Shiites all over the world.The religious leaders’ role has special place inconnection of why Afghanistan has not progressed onthe right way. I love Islam and my people, and wouldlike to request the Islamic religious leaders to replythe following difficult questions. What has causedthat Afghanistan has not developed and progressed?Why have you always quoted and translated Islamlinking to Al-Azhar, Peshawar, Qum and Najaf? Whyhave not you written any book by your own for theawareness of your people about Islam and always youhave quoted above sources while you have beensupported and deeded by your Afghan nation. Thementioned sources do not belong to our areas and theywrote for their own people in that area of geographywhile we live in different area and in a differentsituation, if it is the weather or water, and ourproblems are different from theirs. Why have you notwritten for your own people by your own? You havenothing else to tell the nation except emphasizing on5 times prayer a day? Why to learn Psychology fromKant and Hakal….while you claim that Islam is the onlycomplete and final religion by God, and full of allknowledge. If it is true then why Kant have place inyour colleges instead of Imam Abu Hanifa and JafarSadiq? How long will such process go on?The reality is that Islamic Aulama have used Islam asa tool for their own and families’ livelihood and haveno thoughts of its usage further.All religious scholars except few Shiites have misledtheir religious position, grown-up and receivedtribute and distinction. They say leading and guidingthe people is free while they charge indirect for suchleading and guiding and get benefits in several ways.They want what ever they say people must obey them.Scholars of Islam according to holy Bamton, think theythemselves are holy and that is the reason they do nottake part in physical work and social activities.They should accept that realizing the religion is ahumanitarian order and there are possibilities of alot mistakes. Why ordinary people are to be punishedfor the mistakes which the scholars committed. Thereal way to solve religion crisis in our community isto let everyone learn about the religion based ontheir ability and to practice it. Belief is apersonal order and no one can impose it butunfortunately some of our scholars abused the religionand govern on the people by the name of Islam butsurprisingly have never talked about its reality. Iftalked, they would have never been able to constructpalaces from the pain of people. If Abuzar Ghafariwere alive, certainly he would punish these scholarsfor abusing the religion. The series of honourableIslam scholars (Sunni and Shiites) have lived for longunited (but not in descendant) together socially andpolitically. They have always showed themselves to besuperior.Their manners, way of clothing and way of expressingthemselves in the community were the same. They havereceived a special superiority and always lived besidethe kings and expressed them as the shade of God.There quite few people who were revolutionary andchampion scholars and always expressed the traditionand also defended the religion on the right way andbrought correction to it.This is the main point that the spirituals have alwaysbeen linked with the power and lived under its shade.They have never started the fruitful economicactivities in the community but always been thespenders and got advantages of others. They havealways expressed themselves superior and lawfully andlegally to have a strong base in the community. Suchsuperiority and their involvement in political powercaused to forget their main duty and responsibilitywhich is the promotion of religion with love andhonesty. They have always used their religiousposition as a tool to protect their social andpolitical benefits.