Thursday, December 20, 2007

‘Taliban are freedom fighters’: Afghan Post newspaper

Who are the Taliban? Are they freedom fighters or terrorists? Are they fighting to save Afghanistan against strangers or killing innocent civilians?
Afghan Post columnist Gholam Mohay-aldin Razmwal raises this important question. Razmwal has continued indentifying Muslim clerics(Mulla), because he believes Taliban are clerics( in Farsi, Talib means a person who studies Islamic knowledge).
He has described the negative role of mullas in past 14 centuries in Afghanistan. With this introduction, he declares that Taliban have the historical and religious responsibly of fighting for freedom.
But he hasn’t said anything about what was happening during Taliban regime, instead he attached a religious role for Taliban movement as religious clerics.
Osama caused problems between U.S and Taliban government in 2001, he says. But he believes U.S. President George Bush hadn’t proved show Osama was behind the September 11 atttack. Bush just was making a reason to capture Afghanistan and he did, Razmwal says.
In this article, he tries to create a religious and positive image for Taliban, accusing the U.S and its coalition of fighting against Afghans benefits.
Afghan Post publishes monthly in Toronto area. This article was published in Its November issue.

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